Paul is an assistant professor (tenure-track) in the Department of Industrial and System Engineering (iSysEng) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), The Republic of Korea. He is also leading the Augmented Reality and Media Lab.  (ARM Lab.) at KAIST.

Paul is a co-founder of AVATech Innovation Limited, an EduTech startup located in Hong Kong, providing AR/VR Applications for the classroom of the future.


Paul engages in the field of technology and innovation, and frequently participates in startup events, and currently is being appointed as HK Cyberport Mentor (till 2022).​


Paul worked at the University of Oulu, Finland, Committed to an interesting project named 5G Enhanced Augmented Reality (5GEAR).


PhD in Computer
Science and Engineering, HKUST .


MPhil in Operation Research, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, HKU.


BENG (Hon) in Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management, HKU.


Fintech Bootcamp, UChicago BOOTH, USA.


Startup Innovation Bootcamp, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


First, his startup journey enriched his knowledge and skills in running an EduTech Business and enabling him to nurture the next generation of innovators.


Before his PhD study, he invested a lot of time in manufacturing systems, product design, as well as supply chain management and mathematics optimization.


Throughout his PhD study, he developed his research niches in Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Computer-Human Interaction. 


The latest activities of my Startup Journey, Research, and Others.

Oct 2021 - Research

Our latest survey on the Metaverse (almost 39,000 words, 66 pages) All One Needs to Know about Metaverse: A Complete Survey on Technological Singularity, Virtual Ecosystem, and Research Agenda October 2021 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11200.05124

October 2021 - Startup

Now TV Finance about AR geography teaching devices. 【Now財經台】傳統上,香港學生多數只能透過課本學習地理知識,對於山形地貌,往往要靠2D地圖或想像力來併砌。有科技公司研發了智能沙箱,希望能以更立體的方式,協助地理老師教學。

September 2021 - Startup

Newspaper - HKEJ Hong Kong 信報財經新聞 #中環街市 最近翻新重開,其中一樓舉辦STEAM Playground。兩間數碼港培育計劃畢業教育科技(EdTech)初創 #AVATech 及 #BigDipper,就利用擴增實境(AR),以沙箱投射教授地理知識。另設有智能 #機械人,助小朋友掌握編程概念。今次請來兩位公司代表 #李嘉威 及 #陳諾彬 ,分享教學活動嘅點滴。

August 2021 - Startup

[中環街市] 呢間屋仔咁得意嘅,望落仲好熟面口喎!咦!嘛就係我地部Sandbox! 黎緊8月23號至29號,喺中環街市有個STEAM Playground主題活動,係由市建局同華懋集團合辦,而香港科技園公司如數碼港會係活動夥伴。中環街市已經有超過100年歷史,依家嘅中環街市係第四代,係一棟已有80年歷史嘅三級歷史建築物。市建局會進行復修同保育。我地部沙箱會擺左係個度展覽比大家玩~ 歡迎大家黎探下我地!

June 2021 - Startup

香港宣道會陳朱素華紀念中學隊伍,就憑著「AR 愛心玩具識別學前讀寫障礙學童」獲得比賽物理及工程組別的金獎,該隊伍研發了一個遊戲應用程式,來辨識兒童是否患有讀寫障礙。 文章版權為新傳媒集團所擁有,原文請按:

June 2021 - Startup

In a global competition named Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl, GYSTB 2021 「世界青年科學及科技碗2021」My student received gold awards in the category of physics and engineering (PE). The AR project helps to identify students with dyslexia (C.A.R.D. AR愛心玩具識別學前讀寫障礙學童)

June 2021 - Research

Presentation at Proceedings of ACM in HCI (EICS Series)

June 2021 - Research

Presentation at Proceedings of ACM in HCI (EICS Series)

April 2021 - Research

Great to gain more visibility from the KAIST ISysEng Dept Newsletter.

April 2021 - Startup

After the interactive setting of ‘one belt one road’ appeared in a 2019 event in Hong Kong Science Museum, our new setting (2021) of AR-GEO will stay permanently (some years) at the hall of earth science gallery in Hong Kong Science Museum (Video: starting from 1:20)

Apr 2021 - Research

First Talk to the PG Students in KAIST.

March 2021 - Startup

A publicity describing our strategy and actions to core with the pain point of teachers and students during Covid-19 crisis. We make 5G+AR for teaching on smartphones and tablets.

March 2021 - Research

My first sharing with UG students at Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

March 2021 - Research

Invited Talk -- When Augmented Reality Meets Edge AI at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)

Jan 2021 - Startup

An article appeared in eKid STEM pinpoints the use of ARGEO (portable) for the hybrid teaching mode and remote teaching on zoom.

Jan 2021 - Startup

As a mentor (AR/VR/EduTech) in one of the most well-known startup event - Hong Kong Techathon 2021

Dec 2020 - Research

A full paper presentation at ICIS 2020. Man-Hing WONG, Lik-Hang LEE, and Pan HUI. GANStick: US Stock Forecasting with GAN-Generated Candlesticks.. The 41st International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS’20). Hyderabad, India.

Dec 2020 - Startup

Students obtained KSEF - 한국과학기술지원단 2020 Gold Award in the category of Computer Science

Nov 2020 - Startup

Under the Hong Kong Policy Address 2020, News report by NOW TV (Hong Kong) about our product development in the Greater Bay Area of the Southern China.

Oct 2020 - Research

ACM ICMI 2020 Presentation via Zoom - the final unpublished chapter in my thesis goes online!

Sept 2020 - Research

Presentation of our human-drone interaction full paper in IMWUT (Ubicomp) 2020, Zoom

Aug 2020 - Startup

In this Covid-19 situation, the majority of the innovation competition happens remotely via Zoom. My students successfully earned the champion award in the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2020. The presentation is also their final pitching in 2020, accumulating nearly 20 representative awards since 2018. They will take a one-year break for their public exam.

August 2020 - Startup

Visiting from 香港設計中心行政總裁Dr. Edmund Lee (Hong Kong Design Centre, CEO),香港鐵路有限公司創新主管 Bosco Leung (MTR, Innovation Director),以及仁人學社董事及首席創新顧問Freddy Law (Education for Good, Director). They experienced how to employ Augmented Reality (AR) in geography lessons among more than 80 schools.

July 2020 - Startup

An award(s)-winning project of my company (AVATech Innovation), has been reported by Hong Kong TVB 「無線電視」on the prestigious programme named `Innovation GPS' 「創科導航」.

Jun 2020 - Research

Full Paper Presentation in ACM Multimedia Systems 2020 (MMSys 2020)

Mar 2020 - Research

Full paper presentation (Title: One-thumb Text Acquisition on Force-assisted Miniature Interfaces for Mobile Headsets) at the PERCOM 2020, via Zoom (Virtual Austin, USA).

Mar 2020 - Research

Invited Talk happened at CoSDEO 2020 in PerCom 2020 (Austin, USA), via Zoom. Thanks for the invitation from Prof. Stephan SIGG at the University of Aalto, Finland

Mar 2020 - Research

Work-in-Progress paper presentation (Title: MyoKey: Surface Electromyography and Inertial Motion Sensing-based Text Entry in AR ) at the PERCOM 2020, via Zoom (Virtual Austin, USA).

Feb 2020 - Startup

An award(s)-winning project of my students, under my supervision, has been reported by Hong Kong TVB 「無線電視」on the prestigious programme named `Innovation GPS' 「創科導航」.

Jan 2020 - Startup

The 4th Anniversary of Avatech Innovation. Happy Chinese New Year in the year of the rat 🐀 .

Dec 2019 - Startup

My Students are preparing The International Science and Engineering Fair 2020 (Hong Kong, Finalist).

Nov 2019 - Research

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 27th Congregation - Earn my PhD degree and have a photo with thesis advisor, Prof. Pan HUI.

Nov 2019 - Research

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 27th Congregation - The moment hooded by Prof. Pan HUI

Oct 2019 - Research

Research Meeting with research group in the University of Helsinki, Finland

Oct 2019 - Startup

Judging for HK200 (2019)

Sept 2019 - Research

ISWC displays in London

Sept 2019 - Research

Presentation of ISWC Paper named: Tipoint

Sept 2019 - Research

Presentation of Ubicomp Paper named: Quadmetric Optimized Thumb-to-Finger Interaction for Force Assisted One-Handed Text Entry on Mobile Headsets

Aug 2019 - Research

UROPs and Summer Intern Students during summer

Dec 2019 - Startup

Sharing for the importance of ICT literacy for United Nations DP.

July 2019 - Research

SymLab 2019 Group Photo

July 2019 - Research

PhD Thesis Defence

July 2019 - Startup

Serves as mentor in Startup Weekend, the EduTech Sector

June 2019 - Research

Late night working in Helsinki

June 2019 - Startup

International Centenary (100th year) Convention of CILT, held in Manchester UK. We meet a lot of brilliant minds and visionary speakers.

June 2019 - Startup

Site visiting of Amazon Manchester UK. They name their fulfilment centre as MAN1. Our global delegates from 34 countries are impressed by their degree of automation and design robotic system.

June 2019 - Research

Presentation at the CSE Seminar with Prof. Sasu Tarkoma, Prof. Petteri Nurmi, Prof. Pan Hui, at the University of Helsinki; Sharing of my thesis and discuss some of my views on the next generation of wearable computing.

June 2019 - Research

Visiting Scholar in the University of Helsinki

May 2019 - Startup

Roadshow of our product to the 4th Chief Executive HK, Mrs Carrie Lam, at our new workplace in Foshan, the Greater Bay Area of Southern China

May 2019 - Research

New project at University of Oulu, Finland - 5GEAR 5G Enhanced Augmented Reality. (Disclaimer: This photo shows my participation as a participant in my research group)

April 2019 - Startup

Visiting Alibaba HQ in HangZhou, China

Apr 2019 - Startup

Award for Impactful Technology at Asia-Pacific Youth Co:Lab Summit’19 in Hanoi, Vietnam; This international award is co-issued by United Nations DP and Citi-Foundation

Apr 2019 - Startup

My Students did a great job. Keep it up!! 1. HKICT Award 2019 – Student Innovation (Secondary School) Gold Award (champion) – A.I. CAMe (Student name: Lee H.Y. / Cheung C.K. / Woo K.L. / Chan W.Y) 2. HKICT Award 2019 – Student Innovation (Secondary School) Bronze Award (2nd runner-up) – Augmented Reality Toy for identifying Early-age school kids with Dyslexia (Student name: Wong L.H. / Cheung C.C. / Fong K.H).

April 2019 - Startup

Luncheon Meetings with the Founders and Directors in SME

March 2019 - Startup

My students' award ceremony - Their BIG Day! 1. 英特爾(intel)國際科學與工程大獎賽地區附屬獎 2. 英特爾傑出電腦科學特別獎 (Intel outstanding computer science special award 🥇 ) 3. Bull.B Tech Award for Computer Science and Information Technology 4.The First Prize of ICT (Senior Secondary School) 電腦及資訊科技(高中組) 一等獎

March 2019 - Research

IEEE PERCOM 2019 Full-paper presentation of HIBEY: Hide Your Keyboard in Augmented Reality

March 2019 - Startup

HK Social Enterprise Challenge Finalist 2019 - Received two awards in a row.

March 2019 - Startup

Helsinki-Hong Kong Forum, this is our lab people

Mar 2019 - Startup

Appointed as 1 out of 20 CYBERPORT MENTORS HK

Feb 2019 - Startup

In the year of the pig, first Meeting of MEET Alumni Network, OHKF Meeting

Jan 2019 - Startup

Visiting Big Data Hub Shanghai China

Jan 2019 - Startup

Visiting Korea TV SBS, their television programme are very creative and interesting e.g. Running man

Dec 2018 - Startup

The 6th China Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Final Competition for Talent, Third Prize (2018江蘇人才創新創業大賽總決賽, 三等獎 (省級最高級別比賽)

Dec 2018 - Startup

Graduated from Cyberport Incubation Programme

Dec 2018 - Startup

Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2018, Awards for Innovation and Creativity (香港工商業獎 2018: 創新獎)

Dec 2018 - Startup

Sharing at Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum (Chengdu, China)

Dec 2018 - Startup

2018 China Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talent, First Prize (2018江蘇省海外人才創新創業大賽, 一等獎 (省級比賽))

Nov 2018 - Startup

Media Exposure by FoShan Television

Oct 2018 - Startup

Sharing at Shude Innovation Hub in Foshan, China

Oct 2018 - Startup

Grant as Awardee of CUPP. Thanks for the support from HKUST:–-cyberport-university-partnership-program-cupp-2018

Oct 2018 - Startup

Media Exposure in TV Programme produced by RTHK episode 6 of Daily 8:30 pm : the R generation (日常8點半 (潮流):第六集 R世代); The character `R' represents the Reality for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Oct 2018 - Startup

Join Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology (APICTA) 2018 as finalist and exhibitor

Sept 2018 - Industry

Recognise as Young Achiever Award 2018, issued by CILT Hong Kong

Sept 2019 - Startup

Tech & Innovation competition in Greater Bay Area, Southern China

Sept 2018 - Startup

Presentation / Sharing at InnoTech Expo (Hong Kong)

Sept 2018 - Startup

OHKF Inno Tech Expo 2018 Seminar, sharing with students

Aug 2018 - Research

Group photo of SyMLab, HKUST 2018

Aug 2018 - Startup

Graduated From The University of Chicago BOOTH for Fintech Bootcamp, USA

July 2018 - Startup

Introduce ARGEO to HKSAR Government Mr.Lau Kong-wah, JP

July 2018 - Startup

Sharing at JCI Innovation Summit 2018

June 2018 - Startup

Exhibition in 22 th CISE (China International Software Exhibition) 第二十二屆中國國際軟件博覽會and present our product at Hong Kong Booth「香港館」

July 2018 - Startup

APCIA 2018 – HK Cultural Industry Grand Award (香港文化創意創業大獎)

June 2018 - Startup

Sharing to Thailand Delegates at Cyberport

May 2018 - Startup

Bright Future SME’s Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Grand Award, Champion (2018 鵬程中小企青年創意創業獎)

May 2018 - Research

Group Activities and Cultural Exchange with Students from Nagoya University, Japan

April 2018 - Startup

Awardee Sharing at Hong Kong ICT Expo 2018

Apr 2018 - Startup

Sharing at the most prestigious Asia Forum: Internet Economic Summit (IES) 2018

April 2018 - Startup

HKICT 2018 Award Ceremony with Chief Executive HK

April 2018 - Startup

Received HKICT 2018 Smart Living Silver Award

March 2019 - Startup

Received HKICT 2018 ICT Startup (Software and Service) Merit Award

March 2018 - Startup

Media exposure in the final issue of 《壹週刊》hard copy

March 2018 - Startup

Once again, sharing about the Israeli Startup nation, at Radio Programme RTHK.

March 2018 - startup

Innostar 2018 celebration with the 1st (Former) Chief Executive Hong Kong - Mr. Tung Chee-Hwa, and the 4th Chief Executive Hong Kong - Mrs Carrie Lam

March 2018 - Startup

Sharing with HKUST Students

Feb 2018 - Startup

Sharing at HKFYG

Feb 2019 - Startup

Sharing at The Founder Night, Tel Aviv Financial Exchange Centre, Israel

Jan 2018 - Startup

Sharing at Radio Programme of RTHK about the trend of education technology

Jan 2018 - Startup

Graduate from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Jan 2018 - Startup

Champion of E-commerce Challenge 2017-18, issued by Uptown and HKUST

Jan 2018 - Startup

Sharing about the startup nation - Israel

Jan 2018 - Startup

The first sharing of the year, to the Japanese Delegate at Hong Kong Cyberport.

Dec 2017 - Startup

Sharing at Metro Radio Finance HK

Nov 2017 - Startup

Visiting Tencent Office Building in ChengDu, following the MEET 2017 Programme

Nov 2017 - Startup

HKFYG x DBS Social Innovation Challenge 2017, Bronze Award (青協x星展合辦社會創新挑戰賽);

Oct 2017 - Startup

HSBC Youth Business Award 2017, Innovation Award (Champion among 180+ startups) (滙豐青年創業大獎 – 創新創意獎 (1/180 間初創企業突圍而出)

Aug 2017 - Startup

Media Exposure of my startup project - ARGEO

Apr 2017 - Research

Video Press by Hong Kong Government Press (香港政府新聞網), describing the connected view of Augmented Reality (AR) in which my research is included.

March 2017 - Startup

Media Exposure via Sky Finance Channel

Feb 2017 - Research

A HKUST PG Letter describing our ambitions of smart wearable research and the vision of augmented reality

Jan 2017 - Startup

Express our views on the latest innovation policy to the 3rd Chief Executive HK Mr. Leung at M21 Forum

Jan 2017 - Startup

Sharing at HKFYG Social Innovation Forum 2017

Dec 2016 - Research

As finalist of APICTA 2016 in Chinese Taipei for my research project - TiPoint

Dec 2016 - Startup

Media Exposure - HK01 entitled `新奇意念增添互動 EdTech產品寓教於樂'

Oct 2016 - Startup

Share my vision of AR as a guest speaker at GMIC Hong Kong 2016

Sept 2016 - Research

Media exposures describing our initiatives in AR and my related research project in SyMLab, entitled `科大AR研究申18項專利'

Apr 2016 - Startup

One of the biggest Hackathon in HK - HackUST and received award.

Feb 2016 - Startup

One BIG Step in my journey of innovation and entrepreneurship! Officially recognised the market potential of our startup project and founded a technology startup company, named Avatech Innovation Limited, under the Cyberport incubation programme.

Sept 2015 - Research

It's time to leave my comfort zone and say goodbye to my life of salaryman in a MNC. Jumping into an unfamiliar area of computer science.