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Lik-Hang Lee, PhD

AR/VR, Metaverse, Human-centered Smart Systems & Designs

Assistant Professor, ISE, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


1. Assistant Professor
ent of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE),

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2. Adjunct Faculty (2023 - 2025)

Urban Governance and Design (UGOD)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)


Contact Info: 

Address: Room 4210, Building E2, KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea. 

E-mail: likhang (dot) lee (at) kaist (dot) ac (dot) kr


Other Profiles: 

Google Scholar


Interactive Homepage


Short Bio:

I am currently an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University [My resume]. Prior to my current position, I was an assistant professor (tenure-track) with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), The Republic of Korea. My primary [research interests] are Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Data-driven Methodologies or AI-enabled Applications in the Metaverse. Since 2016, I have co-authored no less than 50 conference and journal papers, as well as technical reports related to diversified types of virtual and immersive environments (i.e., AR/VR and the Metaverse) [List of publications]. My recent projects have covered broad-spectrum [topics], including AI systems in AR/VR, mobile AR/VR solutions, AR/VR facilitated intelligent objects (e.g., IoT and Robotics), and user privacy and safety in immersive cyberspace. In addition, I am serving as technical program committees/ programme committees/ workshop organizers/ reviewers in well-recognized conferences and journals, such as ACM CHI, IMWUT, CSUR, IEEE PERCOM, IJCAI, AAAI, ACM Multimedia, and so on [Services]I am looking for motivated and outstanding candidates for Postgraduate studies (PhD and Mphil) and Postdoctoral Researchers to work on real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables, and other emerging virtual environments in the immersive Internet (also known as the Metaverse). Here is a list of students I supervised or co-supervised [List of students].


  • Dec 2022 We delivered a UG-level Global Innovation Course (IE481, Fall'22) at KAIST

  • Dec 2022 We got a paper in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, regarding a Seven-Week Study of Chinese Character Learning in an Informal Learning Environment for Students with Dyslexia

  • Dec 2022 We got a paper in Int. Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, and the work explored the relationship Between Culture and Experience of Creativity

  • Nov 2022 We got two paper awards in the Blue Sky Track at ACM ICMI 2022 [link]

  • Nov 2022 I delivered an introductory talk regarding the Metaverse to entrepreneurs and innovators from the Greater Bay Area of Southern China [Certificate]

  • Nov 2022 I delivered a half-day seminar regarding the Metaverse in cultural and creative industries to the leadership from the Province of Qinghai, China [teaching evaluation]

  • Nov 2022 I delivered a seminar with the HKGCC x Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals' Association, entitled `Building Your Brand in the Metaverse Workshop.' 

  • ​Nov 2022 I delivered an introductory talk to UG students at Lingnan University Hong Kong regarding the Metaverse. 

  • Oct 2022 I delivered a speech in Horizons of an XR Robotics Reality Workshop in IEEE IROS 2022 [link]

  • Oct 2022 I delivered a talk and participated in a panel discussion regarding Metaverse Education at Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 [link]

  • Oct 2022 I delivered a talk entitled `Digital Big Bang in the Metaverse Era' as a keynote speaker at an ISMAR 2022 workshop named Metaverse for Digital Commerce and Virtual Economy [link

  • Oct 2022 I participated in a panel discussion in the Web3 Carnival [link]

  • Oct 2022 I participated in a panel discussion in the TEXT2030 Workshop adjunct with ACM Mobile HCI [link]

  • Sept 2022 We got an article in IEEE Multimedia, regarding XR Operating System for the Metaverse [link]

  • Sept 2022 I shared my opinion about the metaverse readiness [article], interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Journal

  • Sept 2022 We got a paper into ACM Asia Multimedia regarding a real-time human-avatar interaction framework

  • Sept 2022 We got two papers into ASONAM 2022 (Acceptance rate 19.6%) regarding (1) Anchor Store Effect based on Location-based Social Network; and, (2) Mental Health Communications with Instagram Coaches

  • Sept 2022 We got a paper about Meditation, Mindfulness and Virtual Reality in Chinese CHI 2022

  • Sept 2022 Our paper regarding AR frameworks [link] appears at ACM Computing Survey CSUR

  • Sept 2022 Our paper, regarding Federated Split GANs, was accepted into MobiCom 2022 Workshop (the 1st Workshop on Data Privacy and Federated Learning Technologies for Mobile Edge Network)

  • Aug 2022 I delivered a talk regarding XR and real EduTech Applications (A case of virtual-physical geography lesson), invited by the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) [Snapshot][Playback]

  • Aug 2022 I delivered a talk `When Education meets the Metaverse: an overview and challenges' at the Global Smart Education Conference [snapshot​]

  • Aug 2022 A metaverse project with Hong Kong Productivity Council, namely i4.0 Digital Lean in Metaverse for Virtualised Process Optimisation, got into the Finalists for the 2022 R&D 100 Awards (its 60th year) [snapshot][link]

  • Aug 2022 I delivered a talk regarding fundamental metaverse concepts & applications at Hong Kong Productivity Council

  • Aug 2022 A research collaboration project, namely MetaHKUST—i.e., a virtual-physical blended university [Snapshots], eventually goes `online' and gets publicity, listed selected news articles: [WenWeiPo][][orange news]

  • Aug 2022 We got two papers into ACM ICMI'22. In particular, one of the papers is related to Martian Metaverse

  • Aug 2022 We got a poster into ASSETS 2022

  • Jul 2022 I delivered a talk at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) - ``I&T elites teach you how to integrate the business into Metaverse"

  • Jul 2022 We got the best paper award at SocialMeta'22 [cert]

  • Jul 2022 I delivered a talk at Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) - `When Digital Lean meets the Metaverse'

  • Jul 2022 I shared my opinion about metaverse interoperability, interviewed by Andrew Singer with Cointelegraph 

  • Jul 2022 We got one paper into ACM MM 2022

  • Jul 2022 We got one paper considering drone controller designs in VR, accepted by IEEE/RSJ IROS 2022

  • Jun 2022 We delivered a PG-level Augmented Reality Course (KSE801, Spring'22) at KAIST

  • Jun 2022 A very first survey regarding metaverse education was accepted in Smart Learning Environments

  • Jun 2022 One paper was published at ACM Proc. HCI (EICS) 2022

  • Jun 2022 I delivered a seminar at KAIST The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum (June): `Visualization of Virtual Entities in the Metaverse'

  • May 2022 Our Metaverse article and AR research were highlighted by HKUST's 30th anniversary featured articles

  • May 2022 I delivered a seminar at SUNY Korea: `Building User-centric immersive cities in the metaverse era'. 

  • Apr 2022 We delivered the first-ever professional Metaverse course (42 hours) to HKPC (Corporate Training) at KAIST

  • Apr 2022 Our paper investigating virtual reality brainstorming appeared in Digital Creativity

  • Apr 2022 We got one paper into ACM MMSys 2022

  • Apr 2022 I delivered an invited seminar at HKUST AI Thrust

  • Mar 2022 One paper was published at IEEE Haptics 2022

  • Mar 2022 Our research has been highlighted by KAIST Breakthroughs

  • Mar 2022 We successfully organized the 1st Metaverse Workshop, namely METABUILD, at IEEE VR'22

  • Mar 2022 I delivered a talk at Smart Learning Institute, Bejing Normal University: `Metaverse in Education (International Webinar Series)'

  • Feb 2022 We got one paper into IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

  • Feb 2022 We got one paper into IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Feb 2022 I delivered a seminar at HKBU: `Building User-centric immersive cities: Interactivity Bandwidth, Privacy, and Safety'.

  • Feb 2022 I delivered a seminar at HKPC: `The Masterplan of Constructing the Metaverse'

  • Jan 2022 I shared my view on the Metaverse and Play-to-earn games with Hindustan Times: `Level up: Tour the new battlegrounds of the gaming world'

  • Jan 2022 I delivered a seminar at USTC: `Immersive Human-City Interaction in the Metaverse Era'

  • Jan 2022 We got two papers into TheWebConf 2022

  • Jan 2022 We got one paper into Ubicomp 2022

  • Dec 2021 We delivered a UG-level Global Innovation Course (IE481, Fall'21) at KAIST

  • Nov 2021 I shared my view regarding Implementing `Metaverse Cities' with MingPao Hong Kong

  • Nov 2021 We delivered a talk at CUDAN Open Lab, University of Tallinn: `The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Metaverse'

  • Oct 2021 We released a comprehensive survey detailing our vision for the future metaverse

  • Sep 2021 Our paper at ACM MM 2021 was selected as one of `the Best Paper Candidates'

  • Aug 2021 We got two papers into ACM MM 2021

  • Jul 2021 We got one paper into ACM ICMI 2021

  • Jun 2021 Two papers were published at ACM Proc. HCI (EICS) 2021

  • May 2021 We got one paper into ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)

  • Apr 2021 After joining KAIST, my research was first highlighted by the KAIST ISE Dept. Newsletter

  • Mar 2021 I delivered a talk regarding human-city interaction at KAIST ISE Colloquium 

  • Dec 2020 One paper was presented in AIS ICIS 2020

  • Sept 2020 I accepted the offer of Tenure-track Assistant Professor with the Dept. ISE at KAIST

  • Aug 2020 We got one paper into ACM ICMI 2020

  • Jun 2020 We got one paper into Ubicomp 2020

  • Apr 2020 We got one paper into Pervasive and Mobile Computing

  • Mar 2020 We got one paper into MMSys 2020

  • Dec 2019 We got one paper into Percom 2020

  • Nov 2019 I officially started as a Postdoctoral Researcher (5GEAR Project) at the University of Oulu

  • Aug 2019 We got one paper into Ubicomp 2019

  • Aug 2019 We got one paper into ISWC 2019

  • May 2019 Our AR-Driven Product had been tried by the 4th Hong Kong Chief Executive

  • Jan 2019 We got two papers into Percom 2019

  • Dec 2018 Our AR-Driven Product received the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity.

  • May 2018 A survey on Interaction Method for Smartglasses appeared in IEEE ACCESS

  • Apr 2018 I delivered a talk regarding AR education at Internet Economy Summit (IES) 2018

  • Mar 2018 Our AR-Driven Product received two HKICT Awards under the categories of Smart Living (Silver) and ICT Software (Merit)

  • Feb 2017 Our Mobile AR research was highlighted by HKUST PG Newsletter

  • Jan 2017 Our research was reported in a featured article written by Hong Kong’s Information Services Dept.: `A new system for AR enthusiasts

  • Jan 2017 I got invited by to share my views on technology and R&D with the 3rd Hong Kong Chief Executive

  • Oct 2016 I served as a panel speaker at GMIC Hong Kong 2016 (Topics related to AI/5G/AR)

  • Sep 2016 Our research was highlighted by South China Morning Post: `Hong Kong Researchers laud bright future for augmented reality technology' and Wenweipao: `HKUST's platform for fast AR app development cycle shortening to one week'

(More Interactive News)



  • ACM Multimedia 2022 (External Reviewers)

  • ACM ICMI 2022 (Program Committee)

  • IEEE ISMAR 2022 (External Reviewers)

  • ACM IMWUT 2022 (Reviewer)

  • International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (ISSN: 1044-7318), Reviewers

  • ACM ICWSM'22 (External Reviewers)

  • Complexity, Hindawi, External Reviewer

  • IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) 2022 : Workshops (Co-chair and Organiser) (I) MetaBuild and (2)  Data4XR

  • Patterns, Cell Press (Reviewers)

  • New Techno-Humanities [ISSN: 2664-3294] (Reviewers)

  • CHI 22 – Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (External Reviewers)

  • AAAI 22 – the Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PC)

  • KAIST HCI Initiative (Committee)

  • IJCAI-ECAI'22 (PC)

  • IEEE Percom 2022 (TPC)

  • PerFail 2022 –The 1st International Workshop on Negative Results in Pervasive Computing (TPC)

  • IEEE Network Magazine (Reviewers)

  • Virtual Reality [ISSN : 1359-4338], Reviewers

  • ACM CHI 2021 Workshop Organiser (2VT: Visions, Technologies, and Visions of Technologies for Understanding Human Scale Spaces)

  • Ubicomp 2021 Workshop MIMSVAI 2021 (TPC)

  • ACM ICMI 2021 (PC, the standard track and BlueSky track)

  • IJCAI 2021 (PC)

  • ACM IMWUT 2021 (Reviewer)

  • ACM Multimedia 2020 (Reviewers)

  • IJCAI 2021 – the 30th International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (PC)

  • PRICAI 2020 – the 17th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PC)

  • IJCAI 2020 – the 29th International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (PC)

  • ACM MobileHCI 2020 – the 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (Reviewers)

  • ICCCCN 2020 – the 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Communication Networks​ (PC)

  • ECAI 2020 – the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PC)

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